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"I have used primarily one forcep for almost 15 years. The new Actu8 Adaptive forcep is the first to change my preference. It allows you to grab membranes at the retinal surface instead of needing to pinch retinal tissue to initiate a peel. They have amazing membrane holding capabilities and are fantastic in PVR cases as well. Truly a big step forward in retinal forcep capabilities."

Dr. Dan Miller

"The Vortex Convenience Kit is the best retina surgical option at this moment in the market. The quality of the instruments is spectacular, and extremely competitive when compared with those existing in the market."                           


 Dr. Karla Alejandro

"The suite of Vortex Surgical products provides uncompromised instrument quality at a price point that allows surgeons/facilities to maintain margins in a time of declining case reimbursements."


Dr. Rishi Singh 

"The Vortex Surgical 25 gauge ACTU8 is an excellent product.  I now use it exclusively for epiretinal membranes, macular holes and proliferative vitreoretinopathy.  It combines the precision of an end-grasping internal limiting membrane forcep and gripping force of a serrated forcep in one competitively priced instrument.  The hand piece design allows for easy micro-adjustments while performing a dissection.  Also, the customer service including responsiveness, staff education and communication with surgery center administrative personnel is second to none."                                                                                                                 

 Dr. Robert Wirthlin

"As I operate in several different surgical centers, the Vortex Convenience Kits provide a very consistent and efficient surgical experience at various surgical centers.  As long as I see the Vortex Convenience Kits in the operating room, I know I will always have the right tools necessary to provide exceptional care for my patients."

Dr. Nathan Steinle

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