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Todorich Illuminated Depressors

TID Pharos

A first of a kind like the Pharos of Alexandria, TID Pharos is the first disposable illuminated scleral depressor with an integrated fiber optic. 


Unlike cap-over designs that utilize small fiber optics, the Pharos utilizes a much larger fiber providing a significant illumination upgrade allowing the surgeon a better view. 


  • Translucent ball point depressor that slides over your light pipe to convert it to a transscleral illuminator

  • Provides the surgeon the ability to scleral depress without an assistant

  • Works with Alcon, Bausch and Lomb and DORC Vitrectomy pack endoilluminators

VS0800 - TID Capover Depressor

Sterile, 5/bx

TID 1.0 clear x 2.jpg


  • One-piece transscleral illuminator that plugs directly into your vitrectomy machine

  • Patent pending SIDE-FIRE  technology allows for an improved view with less glare.

  • Works with all major vitrectomy systems

VS0801A - TID Pharos - Alcon Constellation

VS0801B - TID Pharos - B&L Stellaris Elite

VS0801D - TID Pharos - DOCR EVA

Sterile, 5/bx

TID2 SF #7.jpg
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