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Our Products

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While there are many similarities between laser probes these days, we have focused on several key performance areas to deliver a significant improvement to your endo-photocoagulation experience.

Compatible with Alcon, Iridex, Coherent, Zeiss, Ellex, B&L and some DORC models.

MaxReach Laser Probe
  • Smooth extension and retraction of curve.

  • Uniform spot size when straight or curved.

  • Consistant laser uptake.

  • Sterile, 5/box

Gauge    Product#

25ga       VS0140.25   

23ga       VS0140.23   


Flex-Tip Laser Probe

Gauge    Product#

25ga       VS0130.25    

23ga       VS0130.23    

  • Fixed flexible curve allows easy access through rigid cannula.

  • Smooth transition at taper.

  • Sterile, 5/box

Straight Laser Probe

Gauge   Product#

25ga      VS0110.25    

23ga      VS0110.23    


  • Direct access to posterior pole.

  • Uniform spot size, 5/box

Curved Laser Probe

Gauge   Product#

27ga      VS0120.27    

25ga      VS0120.25    

23ga      VS0120.23    

  • Direct access to posterior pole.

  • Uniform spot size.

  • Sterile, 5/box